Meeting Minutes

The March 29, 2000 meeting was called to order by President, Marty Boetel at 7:17 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. New members and guests were welcomed.

Members present: Don, Julie, and Munzer kids, Matt Parks, Sam Katzdorn, Donald LeClair, Charlie and Becky Babcock, Ron, Brenda, and Jordan Couch, Sean and Debbie Murphy, Ted, Loren, and Jake Gersztyn, Mike, April, and Emily Brown, Scott Nixon, Neal Handcock, Kip Boetel, Rick Micola, Henry Garcia, Greg Boetel, Glenn McConnell, Lori Oachs, Tom Garcia, Bill and Nickie Blandford, Steve Ingles, Ed Lyons, Dan Romanenko, Mike Tutor, Kerry and JoAnn Handcock, John Edmonds, Todd McCullen, Sandee McCullen, Troy and Amber Munig, Phil and Judy Boyd, Ken Clark, Linda Luik.

Old Business

Treasury Report - Ed reported that the checking account had a balance of $2475.66.

Newsletter- Mark was unavailable for comment. Thank you very much to Scott Nixon who filled in as Editor. A round of applause was given to Scott. Scott also became a new dad since the last meeting, welcome, Sydney Ann Nixon. Scott is willing to take over as Editor as long as there isn’t anyone else who would be interested in doing the job. The Newsletters will be sent in hard copy form because Scott doesn’t have a computer to do his reading in the bathroom. (Too much information)

Trail Report- Trail 42- See March newsletter for a complete report.

Great Western Trail Drive- The membership is free. The GWT is trying to get a large membership base so if you are interested please fill out an application form and Linda Luik will give you your membership card.

We made about $300.00 on the water sale at the Rock Crawling Championship. Thank you very much for all of you who helped to make the sale successful; Marty Boetel, Bill Blandford, Becky Babcock, Loren Gersztyn, and Brenda Couch.

ARCA- Rock Crawling Championship- everyone had a great time. Look for a write up about the event in the ASU Press!

April Show Me Run is canceled. We might possibly do the run in the future.

April Club run is up for grabs. Member volunteered to lead run to Jawbreaker on Sunday, April 16, 2000. Giving it a 3.0 rating. After much talk and discussion about the rating it was decided that this was a trip that was not good for 3.0 vehicles. So Rick Micola volunteered to lead Jackhandle on Sunday, April 16, 2000, meeting at Texaco in Florence Junction at 9:00 a.m.

Sandee mentioned that we need to stay on the trails. Too many people are creating bypasses which destroy the vegetation around the trail. She feels that we are on edgy ground with the BLM and game and fish. They are thinking about creating seasonal closures and gated areas. We need to make sure that we clean up our act and protect the environment by driving on the trails. If you are out wheelin’ and have a GPS please mark your coordinates and give them to Sandee so that they can get recorded on a map.

The scoping of Martinez Canyon went very well. There doesn’t seem to be any problems. They thought that the area was gorgeous. Signs will be needed to mark the areas. We will need to work with the Land Agencies. Sandee feels that there will be less destruction of the area if people know the history of the area. People will be more respectful of the mine and surrounding area.

Make sure that Scott has your address so that you can get your newsletter.

Intermission - 50/50 Raffle- Henry Garcia was the lucky winner.

New Business

Peter Piper Pizza is a fine meeting place. We are booked for the last Wednesday of the month for the rest of the year with the exception of April’s meeting. The April meeting will be on Wednesday, April 19, 2000 at 7:00 p.m. Please tell anyone who was not at the meeting of the date change.

We have four possible new members that need to be voted in. Phil and Judy Boyd, Ken Clark, Thomas Stone, and Eric Marble. A motion was made to accept the new members. Then seconded. President asked for all in favor - eye, opposed - silence, so new members were voted in with the slam of the hammer.

Future Runs- (See calendar of events, Ed.)

A survey was conducted by Secretary, Becky Babcock, asking the members what they wanted from the Club. The main topic was runs for stock vehicle and runs for modified vehicle each month.

Club Survey - What do you want from the club?

A workshop is being held in the Bradshaw Mountain area on April 11 - 13, 2000.

Sandee made a comment about the Lo-Rangers being in the forefront of Arizona 4x4 Clubs. She said that we were a great group. YEAH! Keep it up!

Emery county sued the BLM over land use and they won. They won for the entire county stating that this has been our land and our road for generations!

The Forest Service settled out of court regarding the Closed if not posted suit with United 4x4 group. We are getting victories- we as members need to continue writing to Congress, Senate, and our representatives.

T-shirts for sale. Loren asked about interest in new shirts and there seemed to be enough interest that she will place an order for ten of each kind. Sam motioned, Scott seconded.

Sam made a motion to close the meeting. Charlie seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Becky Babcock

Trip report:

Due to the late nature of the March issue, the March trip report was included in it. Look for trip reports to resume next month.

Lost and Found:

At last years Christmas party we borrowed somebody's little red bucket for use during one of the games. The owners left before the games were over and were nice enough to let us finish playing with it. I've had it since then and would like to return it to its rightful owners. Please let me know who you are and how I can get it back to you!

Web page:

There have been a lot of member complaints about our web page. Unfortunately the front page is located on the ASA server and is being held hostage by an unresponsive web master. Until they (or their replacement) starts answering Ted's email, his hands are tied.

Several of the links from that page, however, have been updated. A broken link to one of the member's rigs has been fixed and several pictures were added to the Christmas party trip report. Don't let the seemingly static front page fool you, the parts Ted has control over are being updated.

The sad part is, out of a club of over 70 members, we only have 5 member rigs posted, and two of those are in the process of being sold. It's not Ted's job to follow us around with a camera and a notebook. If everybody would bring one picture of their truck (preferably doing something off-road) and a short written description (including year make and model, special features, and any modifications) to the next meeting, we could increase this dramatically.

Newer trip reports would also be a great addition to our web page. If anyone leading a trip writes their trip report using Microsoft Word, they are half way there to creating a great web article. Scan in a few pictures, paste them into your Word document, save it as HTML, copy to disk, and get it to Ted. Anyone lacking a scanner or even a computer should feel free to get with either Ted or I; give us your trip report text and a handful of pictures and we'll slap it together for you.

Editors Corner

Well, the fact that you're reading this means I'm still your Editor. The last issue seems to have made it out to most members; I had a few bounced back to me for minor address typos, and several members provided me with updated addresses, so this issue should be even better. If you have contact with a member that doesn't regularly attend meetings and they complain about not getting their newsletter, PLEASE have them contact me! Unless it gets returned it to me or someone complains, I have no way of knowing whether a newsletter gets to its intended recipient or is being shredded up and used in the hamster cage of a disgruntled postal worker.

As far as what to expect from the newsletter under my tenure, you're pretty much looking at it. I'd like to keep it down to three to four pages, plus cover sheet, mainly to avoid using more than 33 cents postage and developing carpal tunnel from folding 80+ of them. Basics will include meeting minutes, schedule of events, and trip reports. Any remaining space will be taken up by my random rantings, a joke or too, and an occasional roster if I feel the need for a bit of filler. Don't like what you're reading? Send me a rebuttal! I'll even publish it anonymously if you'd like, as long as it doesn't attack anyone (well, anyone I like anyway) personally. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but not as welcome as trip reports and other submissions will be.

Scott Nixon,


New Meeting Spot and DATE!!!:

Our next meeting will be April 19, 7:00pm at Peter Piper Pizza 3029 N Alma School Rd # 114 Chandler, AZ 85224-1465 (602)-838-6880.

There is NO MORE COVER CHARGES to attended meetings.

There was a room conflict for our normal date this month, the May meeting will be back to normal.

Calendar of Events

April 16: "Jack handle". Meet at Florence Junction Texaco at 9AM. Trip leader is Rick Micola. Look for trail condition elsewhere in this issue.

April 19: Club meeting at Peter Piper Pizza, Alma School and Elliot in Chandler.

May 20-21: Red Creek FR18. Meet at intersection of Cave Creek and Bartlett Dam Road at 9am. Trail condition is currently unknown, look for more details after pre-run.

Trail leader is Scott Nixon.

May 31: Club meeting at Peter Piper Pizza, Alma School and Elliot in Chandler.

June 17-18: Mingus Mountain. Details to follow. Trip leader is John Tash.

June 28: Club meeting at Peter Piper Pizza, Alma School and Elliot in Chandler.

July: Cinders?


September: Week long trip to north rim of the canyon. Trip leader is John Tash.

October: Jamboree!!!


December: Club Christmas Party.

April run trail status:

Jack Handle is a pretty easy trail. It was much more difficult when it was first opened. There is only one spot that was "Full Size challenged" and that has been widened. Brian LeBarge (full size blazer) from our club actually ran it when I had to show it to him for the Jamboree and said it was much easier during the Jamboree than when we pre ran it. I personally have not been out there since then. However, I have it from reliable sources that the trail is definitely a 3.0, although a limited slip or locker will help.

Submitted by Rick Micola


Got a question about the club? Wondering where or when the next club meeting or run is? Planning a wildcat or pre-run and looking for company? Call Marty! He welcomes calls at home during the day while he plays Mr. Mom. Give him a ring at (480)-926-3977.

Club Roster

The last page of this newsletter is our club roster. This roster is maintained by our treasurer Ed Lyons, and is the one I used (mostly) to get out the newsletter. If the address we have for you doesn't match the one that you call home, let Ed know. Please check phone and email as well!

Joke of the Month