Meeting Minutes March, 2001

President, Glenn McConnell, called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m. Followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Members present were: Scott, Lynn, and Sydney Nixon, John Tash, Charlie and Becky Babcock, Matt Parkes, Marty Boetel, Ron Couch, Ed Lyons, Glenn McConnell, Linda Luik and Steve Graham, Sandee McCullen, Bruce Browell, Todd and Danielle Gleason, Tim Kennedy, Mike Tutor, Phil Boyd, Bill and Nickie Blanford, Kip Boetel, Rick and J’cie Micola, Lori Oachs, Ernie Bender, Randy and Cheyenne Morrow.

Guests present were Travis Patemoster, Brittany Kraft, Lyle Oveson, Norm Harris, Travis Heidenreich, and Brandon Schandafelt.

Old Business

Treasury report - Ed reported that we have $3520.00 in our account before paying the bills just turned in.

Calling/ E mail chain- Marty stated that there wasn’t anything to report this month. If you want to help with the calling chain let Marty know. (480) 926-3977.

Recreation Advisory Council for the BLM is looking to fill 4 spots on its boards. We really need to get OHV users on the board so that we can have a say in what trails stay open. Meetings are usually every 6 - 8 weeks. All expenses accrued to attend the meeting are paid. If you would like to take part in the board let Sandee McCullen at (480) 832-8132.

Alternate needed for the Delegate meeting on Saturday. Linda Luik will take Ed’s place at the meeting.

John Tash will be doing a run in May near the Cherry Creek Wash, which runs parallel to Young.

March 18th- Dunes run with the McCullen family. They had a good time.

Marty’s run in Florence Junction was fun except for the beehive on Axle Alley.

Cleanup on 201 - they will be mainly selling use permits. The 7th of March cleanup near Sycamore Creek was at 8:00 a.m. They gave away door prizes. There were not any Lo Rangers in attendance at the cleanups. Very little attendance by any ASA4WDC club members. We really need to make an effort to attend the cleanups.

Sandee gave a lot of information about the ASA4WDC Convention and Car Show.

The day at Hickman’s was a lot of fun. It was reported that there was even a Unimog seen at his house.

Glenn had fun at the Treasure Hunt.

Welcome Guests: Travis, Lyle, and Lance.


New Business

Club run for April will coincide with the Cleanups on US60 mile marker 201 and Sycamore Creek cleanup Highway 87 North of Saguaro Lake turnoff. Cleanups will begin around 8:00 a.m. and the runs will take off between 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. Marty will lead the run off US 60 and Kip will lead the run off of 87.

Three new members were voted in: Norman Harris, Travis Heidenreich and Ernie and Joan Bender.

A motion was then made to adjourn the meeting. An enthusiastic second was made by all members bringing the meeting to a close.

Moab Information

If you're planning on coming to Moab with us you may want to think about making reservations soon. We will be staying at the

Moab KOA, 3225 South Highway 191 Moab, Utah, USA 84532. Information & Availability: Phone: 435-259-6682, Fax: 435-259-8703, e-mail: Reservations: Phone 800-KOA-0372

There are lots of other places to stay as well as plenty of camping spots. Feel free to give me a call if you need help finding a place.


Time to clean out the Nixon garage:

King size waterbed. Black and gold complete with mattress and heater. $150 or best offer.

Four Rancho RS9000 shocks. These fit a stock height 94 or newer Dodge 1/2 ton 4x4 Ram. Rancho part numbers are 9198 and 9197 (two each). Shocks have about 30K on them, but still work great. They're just a few inches too short for me to use anymore. $150 or best offer.

For either of the above two items contact Scott or Lynn Nixon at 602-482-8973.

Trip Report: Miners Revenge

by Charlie Babcock, photos by Chip Linthicum


Babcocks in the 73 K5,

Mike Tutor and Ron Couch in the 79 Bronco, Steve and Megan Meyer in a 93 YJ,

Chip Linthicum in his 97 Tacoma.

We met at the Texaco near Florence Junction at 8:30am and immediately took off for the trail. Once we arrived at the corral we aired down and headed for the beginning/ending of the trail. We worked our way through the boulder field with damage to both sides of the K5. Mike made it through without a scratch. Steve in the YJ tested out his new SOA, front and rear Revolvers, and locked Bronco axles on the large rocks, no problem. Chip had the most trouble in the Toyota, getting airtime several times but avoiding any body damage.


(Lined up and ready to go)

(Heading down the trail)

Further down the trail the Tacoma slid between two rocks and couldn’t drive in either direction. With some Hi Lift work and rock stacking he was on his way again. We traveled down the dirt path with flowers growing in and around the road to end up in the sandy wash. We squeezed past the giant boulders and over a rock pile. Steve had stopped and discovered his newly mounted front axle had broken the spring perches off and rotated the axle. He removed the front driveshaft and continued on in 2wd Lo-range. Chip had his rear tire a couple feet in the air as he crossed the last rock pile.

(Getting friendly with the rocks)

We were then at the dreaded waterfall, 2 Blazer lengths long, smooth water polished rock, 37 degree angle (yes I measured it with a magnetic angle finder). The bypass is worse, it’s a 42 degree angle. Water runs down the face and carries sand with it, great for traction. I tried both routes several times and gave up, at this angle power steering fluid comes out of the reservoir and the oil pressure is zero. Mike brought his Bronco up and after looping the strap around a boulder, cruised right up in style. He then turned around and winched the K5 up, followed by the Tacoma and YJ.

Surprisingly the Tacoma had trouble keeping the engine running going up the falls and the 8K Warn winch didn’t want to pull the Toy up dead weight. With a few restarts and some tire speed Chip made it up. We then proceeded up the last obstacle, a long, steep, loose hill. The 2wd YJ didn’t want to go over the first rock so I strapped it to the K5 and told Becky to let her rip. With dirt flying the Blazer crawled up the hill with Jeep in tow. Once off the steep part I told Becky to stop. I bent over to pick up the loose strap and the Blazer lunged forward. The shackle between the two straps hit me in the stomach as the strap went taunt. I flew backwards and landed on my back. Luckily I landed on a thorn bush with my well padded behind.

We then headed out, aired up at the coral, and made our way to the Superior Dairy Queen. Thanks again to Mike Tutor for pulling all of us winch-less trucks up the waterfall. Thanks to Chip Linthicum for airing up our tires.

Trip Report: Dave Hickman's Yard

photos by Linda Luik

(Dave tackles the telephone poles)

(Dave on the rock pile)

(Jay Kopycinski shows off his sweet new flat bed)

(Zane Morgan getting some air)

Editors Corner

Couldn't think of anything to write about this month, so I've decided to share a few things I learned working on my truck this past weekend:

A Harbor Freight 3 in 1 U-joint/Ball Joint tool works great for removing and installing U-joints.

You have to look really close to tell if the little clips are there or not on rusty U-joints.

A Harbor Freight 3 in 1 U-joint/Ball Joint tool is plenty strong enough to blow a cap out of a rusty U-joint if you miss the little clip.

You can re-use a cotter pin about 4 times.

The fifth time it will break off.

New cotter pins cost 15 cents at Ace Hardware.

The 13 year old girl running the cash register at Ace Hardware looks at you kinda funny if you have grease on your face and
reek like gear lube.

PermaTex makes many fine products, several of which come in silver tubes.

PermaTex Water Pump and Thermostat Housing Sealant is a lot stickier than PermaTex Anti-Seize.

Brake cleaner does a poor job of removing PermaTex Water Pump and Thermostat Housing Sealant from bolt threads.

Based on the looks from my neighbors, wearing red sweat pants, a greasy gray sweatshirt, an orange do-rag, and bright blue Mechanix gloves is somewhat amusing.

Scott Nixon,


Calendar of Events

April 7th: Clean up at mile marker 201 on US 60. After the cleanup Marty Boetel will be leading a run.

April 7th: Clean up at Lower Sycamore Creek. After the clean up there will be a run in the area.

April 25: Monthly club meeting, 7pm at Peter Piper Pizza, Northeast corner of Alma School and Elliot.

April 27, 28, and 29. MDA/ASA Jamboree. HAS BEEN CANCELED!!!

April 27, 28, and 29. Walapai 4 Wheelers Ghost Town Jamboree. Trails from 3.0 to 4.0+ For details contact Dale at (502) 757-4564 or Leah at

April 28th: Coves of Saguaro Lake cleanup sponsored by the Arizona Virtual Jeep Club.

Meet at Green cattle gate at Butcher Jones park at 9AM.

May 12: ASA4WDC Quarterly meeting. Earnhardt Ford 7300 W. Orchid Ln, Chandler.

May 19 and 20: Cherry Creek. Trip leader is John Tash. Trail details after pre-run.

May 30: Monthly club meeting, 7pm at Peter Piper Pizza, Northeast corner of Alma School and Elliot.

June 9-16: MOAB! Start planning now, because you can't say we didn't warn you!

Newsletter Cover Photo

This month's cover photo is Matt Parkes launching is 3/4 ton Dodge Ram over a hill out at the Coves. If you've ever promised somebody you'd do something when pigs fly, you'd better get started. Thanks for the awesome shot Matt!

Joke of the month