Meeting Minutes November 29, 2000

Members present were: Scott, Lynn, and Sydney Nixon, Don Munzer, John Tash, Charlie and Becky Babcock, Matt Parkes, Tim Kennedy, Marty, Mary, Michael, and Sarah Boetel, Donald LeClair, Jim Smith, Bill Scheller, Gordon and Matthew Grotts, Phil and Judy Boyd, Ron, Brenda, and Jordan Couch, Ed Lyons, Bill and Nickie Blandford, Sean Murphy, Ted, and Rick Hanson

Welcome to everyone by President Boetel at 7:05 P.M. Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Three guests were present: Chad and Robin Marshall; 1994 Wrangler, Ken, Debbie, and Colton Lewis; 1999 TJ, and Tim Kennedy; 1983 CJ-7.

Old Business

Trail Reports-

It was decided that we wouldn’t have an intermission this evening because the first half of the meeting went fast.

New Business-

Future Runs-

Motion made to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m.

Submitted by Becky Babcock

ASA4WDC Delegate meeting report

The MDA would like to sponsor a fund raising four-wheel driving event in the Florence Junction area next spring. Tentative dates are April 27 – 29. There will be runs, dinner, a raffle, vendors, a silent auction and other activities. Mike Gaddis works as a fundraiser for MDA. He has started a committee to help plan the event. He is looking for help from all the ASA4WDC member clubs. This event will be about half the size of Jamboree and the MDA staff will manage the permits and most of the logistics. Help will be needed in trail leading, registration on site, and some of the in camp functions. MDA would also like us to promote and attend the event as well. All the money raised will go to MDA. This will be an opportunity for some good press and to increase both club and association membership

The People For the West has run out of money and is no longer an organization. There is a former staff member Sylvia Allen who is available as a guest speaker. She is very knowledgeable about using 2477 to get roads re-opened.

Elliott Bartlett from Allied Signal was elected as treasurer. The books for Jamboree have not closed, but it looks like we were a little short on income. However, we did make around $6K. Zigggy has retired as editor and was almost immediately elected as Region 1 director. I do not know who the new editor is.

There may be a clean up near Black Canyon City in January more details to follow. Kurt Loga has volunteered to chair Jamboree 2001. BTW: The new Rancher and miner near the Jamboree site are very OHV friendly and anti- BLM. Stop by and visit them when you are in the area.

BLM and Game and Fish want to re-introduce native fish into Martinez Creek. What kind of fish swims in dirt was not known. There is a section of Private land 1 mile south of 60 and 1 mile east of Mineral Mountain road that is being developed. The owner would like to see another Gold Canyon.

Roadless plan will ban logging from 60 million acres, however the Closed unless Posted Open policy will NOT be implemented. The Plan will be final in December available at 49K acres of Glammis dunes was closed on Nov 22 as part of an out of court settlement. It is estimated this may cost $54 M in recreation dollars.

ASA4WDC Four Wheeler of the Year nominations are due. If you have a nominee please write a bio that explains why and send it to Norm. It may be possible to post this on the web site. ASA4WDC convention will be a separate event from the Delegate meeting. Tentative date is April 1. Two-day event including a show me run for Land Managers dinner awards etc. There is a new club in the association. Earnharts No Bull Four Wheel Drive Club open to employees and customers of Earnharts. 18 members currently expect to be at 40 by January. United convention will be the 25th anniversary. It will be in Farmington NM. If you have any historical information about United please get it in to them for this convention. Sept 6 thru 9. Full minutes of the meeting will be in the WheelDust.

submitted by Ted Gersztyn


At the October meeting we voted to cancel the December meeting due to the holidays. The January meeting will still be the last Wednesday of the month.


Dues are due as of the January meeting. If you can't make it to the meeting, please mail a check for $40.00 payable to "Arizona Lo-Rangers" to Ed Lyons, 936 E Wesleyan Dr, Tempe AZ 85282.

Editors Corner

Even though we are in the midst of the Holiday season, before you know it will be January and the start of a new year of wheeling. That means we have eleven club trips to come up with at a minimum.

If you look at the club calendar, you'll see listings for February through May with question marks after them. These are just some ideas for possible trips I've been thinking about. Other than Mud Springs, which we have to run twice a year to fulfill our adopt-a-trail responsibilities, there are no set trails that we run every year.

I know some of you are new to the state or four wheeling and don't necessarily know where any trails are. Even so, you've probably heard of some from other wheelers, on the Internet, or in a magazine. If there is a trail you'd like to check out, let me know and we'll look into finding a suitable trip leader.

On the other hand, if you've already got a trail in mind and you'd like to lead it, but don't know if anyone will be interested; I can put it on the calendar as a tentative trip and have interested people contact you. In a club as large and diverse as ours, you're practically guaranteed to find somebody else interested.

Scott Nixon,


Calendar of Events

December 8, 9 and 10th: Table Mesa Road. They will be wheelin’ the White Lyon. Meet out in the "parking lot".

December 16: Club Christmas Party See following section for details and directions. Please RSVP to Lynn or Scott at (602) 482-8973 by December 13.

December 27: STAY HOME! There is no meeting!

January 1: New Year's day run. Meeting place is the Florence Junction Texaco at 9AM. This will be another dual run, we will be heading for Jaw Breaker rated at 4.5, and a 3-3.5 run targeted to who ever shows up. Flat tire canyon and Jack Handle are two possibilities.

January 20 and 21: The 10th annual
PAPAGO MILITARY VEHICLE SHOW. There will be: Jeeps, Armored Cars, Cargo Trucks, Unimogs, Hummers, Artillery, Troop Carriers, and Tanks. At the Arizona Military Museum 52nd Street and East McDowell Road. For more information call: Daytime- 602-267-2676 Evenings- 602-840-5019

January 20: Miners revenge. Trip leader is Linda Luik. Meet at the Florence Junction Texaco at 8:00 AM. See trail description elsewhere in the newsletter.

January 31: Monthly club meeting, 7pm at Peter Piper Pizza, North-East corner of Alma School and Elliot. Dues are due at this meeting!

February 17: Probably about time to hit our adopt-a-trail Mud Springs?

March 17: Anybody do Reno Pass lately?

April 21: Red Creek if it's still open and I have a spare u-joint and a 1 3/4" socket?

May 19: Safford or Chiva Falls or?

June 9-16: MOAB! Start planning now, because you can't say we didn't warn you!

Lo-Rangers Christmas Party

Yes, it's that time again. For the last couple of years we have held our club Christmas party in BullDog wash. For those of you unfamiliar with this trail, it's located south of Sagauro Lake off of the Bush Highway just past the Blue Point Bridge (see map near the Salt River label). This trail is gated, so we meet just off the highway outside of the gate (say, around 10:30 AM) and go in as a group. Any vehicle can make it to the party spot. There is a nice big rock in the middle of the wash to play on, and last year we found a cool rock launching pad to climb as well.

The club provides burgers, hot dogs, buns, and soda. Everyone is asked to bring a side dish, and a canned food item for charity. After lunch we usually play a few 4x4 games. Once everyone has had their fill of burgers and games we head home, usually around mid-afternoon. Those looking for more 'wheeling can head further down the trail to Usery Pass Road (trail is 3.0, mostly rutted sandy wash) or the long way out towards Mesa (also 3.0, lots of rocky hills and known for slicing tires). Those looking for a quick way home head out the way we came in.

Sound like fun? Then give Lynn or Scott a call at (602) 482-8973 to RSVP so we know how many burgers to buy and what side dishes to expect.


Trail description: Miner's Revenge

Trail rating: 4.5 with a winch obstacle
Minimum equipment recommended: A winch (at least one vehicle on the trail ride should have one), 33" or larger dia tires, and at least one functional traction aiding device (two are better)

The Miner's Revenge trail was re-established by the AZVJC in 2000. The first section of the trail is a steep downhill with
many small waterfalls and boulders. The second part of the trail has two squeeze obstacles than can be very challenging, then more rock crawling, and a waterfall that is about 20ft high and has a 50-deg slope. So far, no one has driven up the waterfall without winch assistance, but I know it can be done. The trail is about a mile long and is a loop. There is an escape route at the halfway point on the trail.

Notes: (1) Full-size 4x4s are guaranteed body damage on this trail, particularly on the second half. (2) Bring spare parts if you have them. This trail is very hard on suspension and drivetrain parts (3) Jeeps on trailers can be towed close to the trailhead. (4) Bring warm clothing, food, and water. We could be on the trail after dark.

I will be camping out after the trail ride, but those wishing to make it a day trip can head home on their own.

Anyone interested in coming out should
contact me (Linda Luik) about a week before the trail ride. I should have a better idea of the trail condition by then. Phone: (480) 834-1171 Email:

For sale

'84 Toyota 4Runner, white, SR5, Marlin crawlers (ultimate 237:1), 5.29 gears, ARB rear, Detroit front, 7 inch lift, RS9000s, 35 inch BFG MTs, ARB front winch bumper with Warn 9000i winch, custom rear bumper with swing away tire carrier and new 35" spare, custom nerf bars, rear bed with full length sliding tool trays in back (aluminum), Hysteer conversion, new engine 1992 22RE with Offy manifold and 390 cfm Holley carb from NWOR, new late model transmission and transfer case, less than 25,000 on all. Alarm, Alpine CD, Fosgate speakers, amp, GT aluminum steering wheel, much more, too much too list, over $20,000 invested, sacrifice $9000 obo, excellent condition, no body damage..Rob 559-221-7879 Central California

Joke of the Month

Don't worry, there will be plenty of buns at the Christmas party and whatever Costco makes their burgers out of, I'm sure it isn't Wooly Mammoth.