Meeting Minutes August 29, 2001

Meeting called to order by President, Glenn at 7:00 p.m. followed by the pledge of allegiance. Welcome to guests: Tracy Williams- 85 Bronco and Tony Piedon- 95 Toyota.

Members Present: Charlie and Becky Babcock, Matthew D. Parkes, Scott, Lynn and Sydney Nixon, Don Munzer, Tim Kennedy, Marty Boetel, Glenn McConnell, Ed Lyons, Fred Blanco, Steve and Janine Findling, Norman and Carol Harris, Scott and Barbi Blattenberger, and Bill and Nickie Blanford.

Old Business-

1. Treasury Report- $3342.16 in our checking account.

2. Calling chain has not had to be used.

  2. Quarterly Meeting Report- fun was had once Ed was able to find the meeting spot.
  4. August run- August 25, 2001 – Trail 42. Long and hot.
  6. Past Land Use Events- Closure of Red Creek Trail

No Break

New Business-

  2. Vote in New Members- Dan- 72 Blazer and Tracy Williams- 85 Bronco
  4. Jamboree- Help is needed. The club voted to sign up to help with Tech Inspection. Contact Kurt Loga if you want to help in any other way. Home phone # 623-581-9181 or work at 602-436-1113 or email at
  6. Parker 4 Wheeling adventure contact Glenn if you want more information. 480-380-9936.
  8. September run- Observatory near Wickenberg built in 1920. See elsewhere in newsletter for meeting time and place. Also log on to for more info.

5. There was not any upcoming land use events mentioned.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Meeting Minutes Submitted by Becky Babcock

Trip Report: FR42

By Mike Tutor, pictures by Glenn McConnell.


Tacoma - Mike Tutor, Ron Couch

Jeep - Glenn McConnell

Jeep - Bob Lynn (guest)

Ranger - Lori Oachs

Tacoma - Travis Heidenreich, Neysha Gracia

This month's club run was at Trail 42. Scott Nixon was the volunteer trail leader, however, due to a family emergency, Ron and I were asked to lead the trail.

We met at the turn off to Bartlett Lake at 9 AM and started on the dirt around 10. We waited for a couple more guests but they didn’t show. We started with only the first 4 vehicles and ran across Travis and Neysha at the bottom of the big, downhill slide half way through the run. They were looking for us and had entered the trail from the other end.

Along the way, we discovered that Lori’s Ford Ranger would not lock in the front axle. (This was after Sun Devil Auto had worked on it). We checked the obvious and found no problems so we decided to continue on. We did have to pull the Ford up a few hills on the way out. The loose dirt was too much for 2-wheel drive.

The trail was fairly uneventful, but hot. It took about 5 hours to get back to the pavement. It was amazing how high the water was. The lake was full to the top and so was the river. The river must have been several hundred yards across and flowing fairly fast. This is the same river that we use to cross and play on the other side! There was no playing this time. This is the first time I’ve seen boats on the river.

In all, it was a fun run.

[Thanks again to Mike and Ron for taking over the FR42 run for me! - editor]

(Never a good sign)

(Gorgeous view from up top)

(Travis playing in a rut)

Trip Report: Last Cove of Saguaro Lake

By Charlie Babcock

Participants: Charlie Babcock- 73 K5, Steve & Janine Findling – 62 Scout and Chevy truck w/boat, Jeremy Rima – 76 Scout II

The Blazer arrived at the Circle K at the intersection of Power rd and McKellips rd. A guy comes up to me and says, "I’m 17, underage, and will you buy me some beer?" I told him to get lost and waited for the rest of the group. Someone finally bought the guy some beer and a bunch of guys that were hanging around the Circle K, busted them. It was a sting! After a while Steve, Janine, and Jeremy pull up to get gas so I walked up and tell them about the bust. Two of the undercover officers came up to me and tell me I have to leave because I’m interfering with their investigation? They were Mesa police officers, I asked. I parked my truck down the street and soon was joined by the rest of the group. Steve said I was now an undesirable.

We pulled into the Saguaro Lake Marina to drop off the boat and Janine. The plan was for Janine to meet us at the last Cove in the boat. Steve, Jeremy and I cruised back out to Beeline highway and then pulled off at the Four Peaks exit stopping at the parking lot. We aired down and then made good speed to Cottonwood road where we turned and headed to the ranch. We stopped at the ramshackle building and got drinks and took a break. Steve’s truck was starting slow, but fired up eventually. We made our way into the wash that leads to Saguaro and after a couple miles we hit our first obstacle. Steve went to the right and Jeremy took the hard line down the center. About the same time Jeremy got stuck between 2 huge boulders, Steve snapped off a tie rod end driving up a dirt embankment, and I had both front tires off the ground with the front diff stranded on a boulder. I backed off my stuck, but Steve’s truck was hopeless. No one had a spare that would fit.

I yanked Jeremy’s Scout from behind into a better line. Jeremy then tried to work his way out of his stuck and blew a front hub. We decided to abandon Steve’s truck and put all his camping gear in my K5. Then I drove around the Scout blockade and posed as a winch anchor point for Jeremy. He then swapped one of Steve’s hubs onto his Scout. After winching out of his dilemma we proceeded on. Further down the trail I tried a few good lines and after finishing up one of them I got hung up on the transfercase. All four Swampers dug deep into the sand until I couldn’t move any more. Jeremy wanted to winch me out but I grabbed the High Lift and lifted the transfercase off of the rock. We all threw rocks under the tires and after a little throttle the K5 was free again. When I drove off of the High Lift jack the top of it swung around and smashed out my driver’s side taillight. I lose a taillight about every other trip, good thing they’re cheap. We cruised down the wash until we hit another tough section that couldn’t be bypassed. By this time it was 3:30pm and we were hot and tired, just wanting to get to the Lake. I decided I didn’t want to make it back through this wash in the dark by myself. So we unloaded Steve’s camping gear into Jeremy’s Scout and I headed back. Steve and Jeremy made their way to the Lake.

What I know of the rest of the trip is second hand from Janine. Jeremy broke down not long after I left so they walked to the Lake. Then the 3 of the them took the boat back to the Marina and drove the Chevy back home. On the way home with the boat, the hitch broke and they almost lost the boat. Sunday they returned with Janine’s Jeep and had an engine fire. Monday they returned with Mr. Ed and had more breakage but eventually got both Scout’s and both Jeeps out of the trail. I can’t wait to here the rest of the story from Steve and Jeremy.

I had a great time and I wish Steve and Jeremy would have called me on Sunday. I would have been happy to drive back in to help them out. I will definitely return to finish this trail.

Editors Corner

You may have noticed this month's trip isn't what was discussed at the meeting. Don looked into it and found out it was 400 miles or so of pavement for 10 miles of gravel. Instead, we're going to go check out a new trail up in Payson. If anyone out there has actually ran this one, give me a call. I'd love to get some first hand information on it.

Scott Nixon,


Calendar of Events

September 22-23: Scouting trip to Pyeatt Draw. I've seen pictures of this trail, looks like fun. We'll drive up Saturday, grab a campsite in the pines near the trail, and then have a go at it. Rating is 3.5-4.?, with an access road crisscrossing the wash so you can pick your difficulty. Since I've never been there, this is all conjecture. Worse thing that happens is we spend a weekend camping where it's 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix. Trip leader is Scott Nixon, give me a call if you've got any questions (or better yet, if you have any answers!) 602-482-8973.

September 26: Monthly club meeting, 7pm at Peter Piper Pizza, Northeast corner of Alma School and Elliot.

October 19-21: Jamboree!

Newsletter Cover Photo

This month's cover photo is Travis Heidenreich getting twisted up on FR42. Thanks to Glenn McConnell for the picture.


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